Burdman Real Estate - Valdemar Burdman

Burdman Real Estate - Valdemar Burdman


Valdemar Burdman

Valdemar Burdman was born in Caracas, Venezuela, Even as a young man, he always enjoyed doing business. At a young age, he became the best sales representative of a very important clothing line in South America.

Little by little, Valdemar became a profitable entrepreneur. He had the responsibility of managing the sales department of the biggest distributors in the continent. With a great sense of ownership, knowledge of the product and an amazing customer service, he became the great sales representative he is today.

He came to the United States back in 2001 and he was fascinated with the real estate industry. He decided to become a Realtor and get the best deals for his clients. Thanks to his experience on short sales and foreclosures he was recognized as a Certified Distressed Property Expert.